Curtain wall

Curtain Wall: A curtain wall system is an aluminum framing system with various different options. Generally you will see a 2-½” profile with an overall depth of 6” to 10”. Norman’s Commercial glaziers have many years of experience fabricating and erecting curtain wall. From 12’ tall projects to 3-4 story buildings Kawneer is our manufacturer of choice when it comes to Curtain Wall systems. You can see the many options and variations of their system: Curtain Wall - Kawneer System 1

The 2 most common systems would be System 1 & 2. Kawneer System™1: This is a captured, stick fabricated, pressure glazed curtain wall for low to mid-rise applications and is designed to be used independently or as an integrated system, with 1600 Wall System™2, to provide visual impact for almost any type of building. Kawneer 1600 Wall System™2 SSG - And SSG system has no outer caps giving you more of a total glass window system to achieve a myriad of design choices and ideas.

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